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June 19, 2024

 Park City Bridals  Liv & Thomas

Park City, Utah is one of the most beautiful places to visit, not only in Utah, but anywhere.  If you have the opportunity to take photos there, you are one lucky couple!  Liv and Thomas decided on Park City, because of the gorgeous mountain views.  And well, they weren’t disappointed.   They decided on a classic “first look” session, where Thomas got to see Liv in her dress for the very first time.  It was such a special moment, and we made sure we captured all the emotions, as well as that stunning dress!

When planning a first look, it’s so important to remember 3 things.  The first, is that you need to remember to capture it on video as well.  Weather that is bringing a videographer, having a friend come along with you to film it, or even propping up the cell phone on a rock and pressing the record button.  It is one of those moments that you cant have a re-do. So, record it, as well as photograph it.  Second, transportation.  You will need to either drive up separately, or bring up a changing tent so you can drive together.  Liv and Thomas drove up separate, so they were both in communication with me as we arranged the special moment.  Third, don’t forget the florals.  No, you don’t NEED florals, but they really do add so much to the shoot.  They add beauty, color, texture, and props.  So when in doubt, bring those flowers!

When planning a Park City shoot, make sure your photographer knows their way around the area.  There are so many places that not a lot of people know about, so make sure you do your research, when deciding on not only the look you want, but also the time of year.  Most of the time, Park City is COLD.  June through September is the best photography season, but a winter session can be lovely too.  Just prepare yourself for a much shorter session when outside of that prime photo season.  Luckily, the session was the perfect temperature for Liv and Thomas, as it was in June.  

And the last thing to mention:  keep the west wild!  Make sure you don’t leave a trace, and pay your national park entrance fee.